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Lawncare Services in Springfield, MO

Rick Schonert is the owner of Earthworks Gardens. Our team offers custom landscaping services to clients in Nixa, Springfield and Ozark, MO and surrounding areas.

A yard being watered after our lawncare services in Springfield, MO
Earthworks Gardens

What Makes Us Special?

  • We have been awarded as the best lawn care company in Springfield, MO for three years in a row.
  • We have also been featured four times in the Springfield News Leader for our reputation in this field of service.
  • We have many reputable clients who recommend our services.

Our Services

Weekly Lawn Service

This service includes regular mowing, trimming, edging and clean up. 

Lawn Services

Larger clients such as HOAs, commercial, condos, etc. can use our lawn services. We also provide limited services to residential clients. Please contact us for a quote.

Lawn Fertilization

This service includes the regular application of the highest quality granular fertilizer on the market to keep your lawn plush, healthy, and beautiful.


Seeding/slicing is an inexpensive way to set up a new lawn. Seeding is best done in the fall, but can also be done in the spring, to allow the root to form and grow.

Weed Control

The products we use for weed control are higher end, and very effective. We guarantee that your lawn will be weed-free with regular applications. We handpick beds to protect plants and the grass around them, and offer weekly weed removal services.


We use several methods to seed or reseed your lawn. We will give you a free consultation to find the best method for your seeding needs.

Shrubbery, Trees & Flower Beds

Earthworks can create attractive annual and perennial planting beds with species that are appropriate for your landscape based off of a sample test that checks the pH balance of the soil.

Hedge Trimming & Shaping

We keep your hedges looking lush and healthy while trimming any irregular overgrowth.

Hydro Seeding

This is a service that’s mainly suggested for new homes, where the lawn is unorganized and filled with just dirt. We reserve this service mainly for contractors and new constructions, where a lawn is required to grow very quickly.

Tree & Shrub Care

  • We offer tree removal services.
  • We provide large scale shrub care.

Landscape Design

Details are important to us, starting with the general composition of the garden right down to the exact detail and location of plants and material selections. The natural beauty of your property and personal style are always showcased in our designs.

Salting/Snow Removal

We can provide large scale plowing and salting for those needing snow removal during the winter season.


We can provide trucked in soil to help level out the ground for your future landscape. We can also provide excavation services to help combat erosion and also help level out the landscape.

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