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Landscaping Team in Springfield, MO & surrounding areas

Earthworks Gardens offers exceptional landscaping services for your properties at different locations. Our team is experienced in serving large clients. At Earthworks Gardens, we care about quality over quantity.

Earthworks Gardens
Earthworks Gardens

Properties We Serve

  • HOAs
  • Commercial developments
  • Condo associations
  • Townhouses
  • Limited Residential Services*

*Please call for quote

How We Work

Earthworks Gardens utilizes products that are good for the environment and also build and thicken the turf. Other companies tend to use Nitrogen-based products which only provide a green color to the lawn, but do not do anything for the health of the turf.

We use products that have good levels of potassium, iron, and nutrients in them. Potassium helps thicken grass, iron helps with color qualities, and nutrients help lawns not just look good, but also grow lush and vibrant. Lawns will grow faster using these higher end products.

Earthworks Gardens

Why Choose Us

  • We use high-end products that are safe for the environment.
  • We consider customer satisfaction as an important result of our work.
  • We have a good reputation for providing high-quality services.
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